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STARFLY Roof Rack Aluminum Cargo Cross Bars (Set of 2) for Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 & Model Y 2020-2023

Type: Model 3 2017-2023

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STARFLY Roof Rack Aluminum Cargo Cross Bars for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Whether you enjoy adventures with friends or just need a way to transport your cargo - the Model 3 / Model Y roof rack is the perfect accessory! The roof rack for Model Y Model 3 is made of top-quality aluminum alloy material, so it's lightweight and strong enough to hold those cargoes you put on it that don't fit in the trunk like bikes, skis, kayaks, tents, etc. Simple two bars can expand the infinite possibilities of outdoor sports!

The Model Y roof rack and Model 3 roof rack have been newly designed to achieve maximum aerodynamic efficiency, minimum wind noise, and low impact on fuel consumption and driving range.  

Main Features

  • 【Custom-Designed】We designed the Model Y roof rack and Model 3 roof rack with better quality and service life. The length of the crossbars has been custom-cut specifically for Model 3 and Model Y, fits all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Vehicles.
  • 【Premium Material】This Model Y roof rack is made from high-grade aluminum. Aluminum is on average 30% lighter than steel. Our Model Y roof rack can withstand greater stresses than the best all-steel roof rack at 1/3rd less the weight. Strong and durable, the Model Y roof rack is rated to carry 100kg /220 lbs.
  • 【No Wind Noise】The best roof rack for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 has been newly designed to achieve maximum aerodynamic efficiency, minimum wind noise, and low impact on fuel consumption and driving range. Compared with other roof racks, the Model 3 / Model Y roof rack can provide you with a quiet environment.
  • 【Upgrade Lock Design】Both ends of the upgraded roof rack are equipped with locks, which are effective against theft and safer to use.
  • 【Easy To Install】The installation of the (Model 3) Model Y Roof Rack does not require drilling, and the roof rack can be directly installed according to the product installation instructions. The package includes all accessories required for installation.
  • 【Essential Accessories】Great Accessories for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Ideal for transporting items that won’t fit in your vehicle such as roof bags, roof boxes, bike carriers, kayaks, canoes, sporting goods, ladders, surfboards, and much more you want.

Note: On the problem of screws: use pointed-nose pliers to pull the screws up. If it is long enough, it depends on whether the screws fall in. Clamp it with something, shake it left and right, and pull it out. The screw fell in, not short. This is the problem with the car itself. The place is empty. In order to put this screw, it is intentionally involved in this way. This is also the case when the original factory installs it.

What Tesla Roof Rack Can Do for You in Daily Life?

  • 1. Help you carry all the equipment you need for outdoor activities such as bicycles, kayaks, snowboards, trekking poles, surfing, tents, etc. This way you don’t have to worry about wasting time packing or trying to cram your device into the car. Easily bid farewell to the crowded space and enjoy a pleasant journey.
  • 2. Keep your process in mind and know exactly where each device is going to keep them organized. So every time you use them, you can find them as quickly as possible, helping you avoid unnecessary stress and maintain consistency in your activities, making your life easier.
  • 3. Store your equipment outside of Model Y after finishing your outdoor activities. This is also a great way to save time and let your paddleboard or surfboard dry on the way home! More importantly, you no longer have to worry about bringing dirty equipment into the car and staining the interior.
  • 4. Increases your storage space and brings extra flexibility. With this Model Y Roof Rack, you don't have to worry about putting your luggage in the car will cause crowded space, or hard objects will scratch the soft leather of your seat.
  • 5. Our Tesla Model Y roof rack and Tesla 3 roof rack are been engineered for multiple installations so that you can remove it when summer comes or when your trip is over. Before installing your rack, STARFLY provides transparent slim sheets of PPF (Paint Protection Film) to protect your car.


Product Name: Tesla roof rack Model Y Model 3

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Load Capacity: 220LBC, 100KG

Color: Black

Compatibility: Fit Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 & Model Y 2020-2023


  • 2pcs × Roof Rack for Tesla Model Y Model 3
  • 1 set × Installation tools

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    1. Where I can get the replacement “stickers” that go on top of the glass roof to prevent scratching when the Model Y Roof Rack is installed?

    Tesery provides 3 sets of these protection stickers. Each set contains 4 stickers made of Paint Protection Film (PPF). These stickers can go through several installations and removal but we give you the option to fully replace them each time. If you need more, you can custom-cut some PPF sheets or feel free to contact our support and we will be happy to advise you.

    2. What components make up a Tesery Model Y roof rack system?

     Tesla Model 3/Model Y roof rack comes with the equipment required for installation and locking. This includes two roof rack cross bars with towers, one tower fitting kit, one key set, and a copy of the installation instructions.

    3. I would like to fit roof rails to my Tesla. Do you supply these?

    No, roof rails require internal roof mounts and are mostly fitted during vehicle manufacture. Tesla didn't choose this solution for their cars. How high above the roof will the bars be? The top of the bar is 115mm above the roof.

    4. Can I transport a roof box AND bikes on my roof bars?

    Yes, subject to remaining within the permitted roof carrying a weight capacity of 220 lbs or 100 kg.

    5. Do I need tools to install my rack?

    You will just need a simple socket wrench already included.

    6. How much does it cost to have a Model Y roof rack installed?

    Our Model Y roof rack has been crafted and designed to be installed by one person. You can do so by following our installation guide. However, if you would like it to be installed by a professional, it should come around USD150 to USD500+ depending on where you live.

    7. Is the STARFLY roof rack worth it?

    Our Model Y Roof Rack will be the right solution for Tesla owners who go on a family trips or practice outdoor sports frequently such as biking, kayaking, or skiing.

    8. Does this roof rack system lock in place?

    Yes. An integrated security system locks each tower to the roof of your Model 3/Y.

    9. How much weight can I put on the Model 3 Roof Rack?

    The maximum load rating of the Model Y Roof Rack is 100kg /220 lbs. This maximum weight includes the weight of any attachments as well. 

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