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Front Rear Glass Roof Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 2017-2023.10

type: 2017-2020 Model 3 (Half Cover, Black)

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Front and Rear Glass Roof Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 2017-2023.10

If you’re looking for a way to cool down your car and protect your kids from the sun and harmful UV Rays, this Model 3 glass roof sunshade is the perfect solution! Our Model 3 glass roof sunshade has an excellent heat insulation effect, majoring in preventing sunlight and harmful UV Rays from entering the car directly. In addition, it has a significant cooling effect and provides a comfortable driving environment for the user. In the summer heat, it will be the thoughtful  "umbrella" for your car.

Note: We also provide Tesla Model 3 sunshades of ice crystal nano material material. Click here to learn more: Tesla Model 3 sunshades of ice crystal nano material material.

Key Benefits

  • 【Fit Perfect】Custom fit for Tesla Model 3, designed this Model 3 glass roof sunshade after measuring its size, already tested it on the car many times, and the size is correct, no worry to purchase.100% compatible with Tesla Model 3 sunroof, advanced sunshade for the panoramic sunroof window; fit tight and closed, will not fall down.
  • 【Premium Material: 】Our Model 3 glass roof sunshade is made of high-quality gauze mesh material, with uniform mesh distribution and high density, which can effectively isolate sunlight and heat. The foldable memory manganese steel frame is thinner and has better toughness, making it easier to operate and can be easily installed or folded. This material can withstand more folding times and has a longer service life.
  • 【With Silver Coated Cloth】We also provide silver coated cloth. The silver coating can reflect the sunlight inside the car and block up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays, which doubles the sunscreen effect of this Model 3 glass roof sunshade. When you return to the car, it will keep you cool and comfortable. Kind reminder: You can decide whether to use silver coated cloth according to your needs, as you won't be able to see the outside when using silver coated cloth.
  • 【Heat Insulation Effect】It prevents sunlight from entering the car directly, blocks sunlight and harmful UV rays for your kids, and overhead brightness in your car. The Model 3 glass roof sunshade can also block the strong glares of the sun, protect the privacy of the car and improve the safety of driving.
  • 【Easy To Use】Our Model 3 glass roof sunshade easily pops out and folds back in seconds making it convenient for daily use. Designed to be stored in the door pockets of your auto vehicle. 
  • 【Powerful Funtion】With excellent workmanship and enhanced thermal insulation, the Model 3 glass roof sunshade prevents heat and overhead brightness from directly entering the car, effectively reducing the temperature inside the car and saving the car's energy consumption.


  • Product Name: Model 3 glass roof sunshade
  • Material: Gauze mesh
  • Compatibility:  Suitable for Tesla Model 3 2017-2023.10


  • One-piece Top Model 3 glass roof sunshade
  • One-piece Rear Model 3 glass roof sunshade
  • pieces of silver-coated clothes
  • 8 pieces of sunshade clips
  • 1 x storage pouch


All efforts are made to ensure your item gets to you in perfect condition and is ready for installation.

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Q1 - What installation accessories will I receive?
A1 - The accessories are complete, including 8 clips.

Q2 - Is the Model 3 glass roof sunshade difficult to fold?
A2 - No. It's not difficult. Their memory metal frame supports easy folding.

Q3 - Can I leave it in place while driving?
A3 - Of course, as long as you install them with the clip provided, they are also stable during driving.

Q4 - Is this suitable for the Tesla Model Y?
A4 - I don't think so. The Model 3 glass roof sunshade is expected to be suitable for Model 3 only.

Q5 - Does it sag during use?
A5 - Hi, our Model 3 glass roof sunshade is customized for Model 3, which can achieve the perfect fit. After it is fixed with the clip provided, it will not sag during use.

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